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September 2016
Mindfulness Course for Teachers
24th September 2016
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Mindfulness Course for Teachers  
24th September 2016

The school offers a unique platform for introducing and teaching essential life skills to children and teens. Over the last few decades mindfulness in school programs have exploded over Europe and the US, educating teachers on how to practice mindfulness themselves and how to implement mindfulness into the classroom. Research on mindfulness in schools shows how children and teens can learn to become calmer and more focused while at school and at home, become more compassionate towards themselves and other children, and improve their overall school performance.

Mindfulness teaches children and teens to:

•    Become more attentive

•    Focus better in class and while doing homework

•    Facilitate learning

•    Improve emotion regulation

•    Create a positive environment

This course is for teachers who wish to learn about mindfulness, how it is practiced, and how it can be taught to children and teens at school. The course covers exercises for kindergarten, primary and secondary school students and examples of how to explain and teach the concept of mindfulness to children. The exact exercises will be adjusted to fit the interests of the teachers attending the course.

Course details: All sessions run on Mondays from 6-8pm (12 hours in total).

Course dates: 24.10, 31.10, 07.11, 14.11, 21.11, 28.11.

Venue: 274 Rue D'Argens, Gzira.

Course fee: 160 Euros per person.

For more information and booking details please contact Anne Hamarsnes by email:, or by telephone: 77556555.


Hope to see you at the course!