General course information
Course overview 2016
General course information

Mindfulness Malta offers 8, 7 and 6-weeks courses, as well as individually tailored training to workplaces, schools and other insitutions. Mindfulness can also be trained on an individual basis. For more information about individual training, please contact Anne Hamarsnes.

Group courses

Mindfulness is a psychological skill learned through practice. The courses are experience-based and structured, each session having a particular focus. The training consists of different meditation and yoga exercises, group discussions and teaching.

Who are the courses for?

The group courses are open for anyone who would like to explore what mindfulness is and how it can be implemented in their lives.

Course structure

All courses are based on an weekly training model. You’ll be given one training session per week of 2 hours. A course booklet and a CD with guided meditation exercises are handed out at the start of the course. You are expected to use the CD and practice mindfulness on your own between sessions. Over time you will experience that mindfulness will seep into your everyday life more automatically.

Corse content

The core content of the courses remains the same in all courses, but the approach and focus may vary somewhat according to the overall theme of the course. That is, some courses are more general mindfulness courses, and some focus on more specific issues such as how to use mindfulness to cope with stress, anxiety or pain management. The theme of the course will be evident from the individual course title.